For years, Professor Leonardo Xavier had been contemplating on creating a logo that would represent all of the important aspects that involve the beautiful art of Jiu-Jitsu. Creating a logo was not an easy task because he was aware of the importance of what the logo must represent to not only to himself but to honor his masters, his students and to future generations of students.

keychain cropped websiteThe vision of the logo became clear to him in December 2014 after receiving a gift from one of his students. The small gift was a key chain with three rings entwined together focusing on mind, body and spirit.  At that moment, Professor Xavier’s vision of the logo became clear.

Professor Xavier wanted one of the aspects of the logo to represent Mind, Body, and Spirit. “You must operate from within the core of your spirit, you must follow your heart and feel more than do,” says Xavier.  This aspect honors Professor Xavier’s mentor Master Rickson Gracie and is inspired by Gracie’s priceless teachings and philosophies. “He has made a tremendous difference in my life,” says Xavier.

seven virtues of the bushidoAnother aspect of the logo includes the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese Samurai known as the Bushido. The Seven Virtues of the Bushido are qualities that Professor Xavier holds true to his heart and lives by in his daily life. These virtues are Courage, Rectitude, Respect, Honesty, Benevolence, Honor, and Loyalty. The logo represents these virtues by its six ending points along with a center circle. Each point of the logo represents one of the qualities as described in the virtues of the Bushido leaving the center circle for the most important virtue, courage. “The center circle is for courage because you must have courage to guarantee all of the other virtues,” says Xavier.

The logo was also inspired by a Photograph of Professor Xavier in a strong kneeling position. He explains, “this photo displays commitment, passion, focus, dedication and sacrifice with the art of Jiu-Jitsu.” The meaning of the photograph defines his journey through Jiu-Jitsu from where he began to where he is now. The logo can be placed directly over the photo, and it will take the same form as the position that Professor Xavier is kneeling. Xavier wanted the logo to reflect the strength and shape as displayed in the photograph.

Leo KneelingAnd lastly, the Shape of the logo incorporates the three rings from the key chain that was given to him. Each ring is the same size and can be turned in any direction representing the equal importance of maintaining balance in all areas life. The shape also reflects being in “base,” a typical Jiu-Jitsu term for being in a perfect balance. Xavier explains, “it is not only the physical aspect of being in balance but also includes the idea of being in perfect balance in mind, body and spirit.”

The logo is an inspiration for students who honor the art of Jiu-Jitsu and it represents Professor Leonardo Xavier as a mentor, teacher, and friend and will continue to carry his legacy for future generations.



***The logo containing the initials “LX” (as seen throughout the website, school and on uniforms) will remain alongside the new logo. It is important to preserve this logo as it establishes the opening of the school and has a history of past and present students.