Our Facility

LX Jiu-Jitsu has one goal in mind, to offer a dedicated facility aimed at providing access to world-class self-defense instruction. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that we provide a superior training environment free from ego, attitude, and intimidation. As such, the facility has been designed to create a warm, inviting environment for both participating students as well as spectators to feel completely at ease while they enjoy their class. For regularly scheduled and/or semi-private lessons we have our large training mat which offers a 2000 square foot training area; a secondary training mat is located next to the changing rooms and is reserved for one-on-one training and introductory lessons.

For spectators, there is a seating area in the very front of the academy with large viewing panes to watch the activities on the mat; relax in one of our chairs or perhaps enjoy a coconut water on our couches while you observe the class. As hydration is important for everyone, not just participants, we have water fountains on site as well as several healthy alternative drinks for purchase from our vending machine.

Since jiu-jitsu is also a contact-based art, considerations are also given to cleanliness with separate restrooms, a private changing area, and multiple sanitizing stations to help visitors feel more at ease. In addition, the mats are specifically designed for this activity so special precautions are taken in selecting manufacturing materials that are known to repel water, are hygienic, antimicrobial, and odor absorption. Care is also taken here at the school to sterilize the mat surface on a daily basis with hospital-grade disinfectant; this serves as another precautionary measure in providing you with piece of mind while training. Accordingly, it is important that all participants have a clean kimono for each training session (see Dojo Etiquette).

For those who are joining us on the mat, your safety is our utmost concern which is why LX Jiu-Jitsu only utilizes the absolute best mats available. As mentioned above these mats are specifically designed for purpose so that any impact with the mat is reduced and absorbed as much as possible. Utilizing inferior training equipment is an easy way to sustain injuries; we want you to be a lifelong student of the art and this becomes much harder if you are constantly injured. Let us be clear that jiu-jitsu is an athletic activity and there are certain risks involved, but by providing this safe, ego-free environment at our facility we are glad to say that these risks are reduced as much as humanly possible.

That said, injury can also result from the use of improper technique, which again is why Professor Xavier stresses the details of every single technique in both class instructionals as well as when he observes live training. This is for the safety of not only you and your training partner but also your teammates who may be sharing the mat with you. As your understanding of the basics begins to take shape, your effectiveness and efficiency in applying techniques will improve. It is with this understanding that your journey begins.

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