Youth Program – Little Wizards

National studies have shown that nearly 30% of children have experienced some form of bullying in school. Our Little Wizards Bully Proof program teaches children how to defend themselves in these situations through non-violent conflict resolution. They are taught to use Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, a self-defense system that uses leverage to submit an aggressor, without the need to throw a single punch or kick. Your child will not be taught how to strike another person but they will learn how to react and defend themselves in a safe and effective manner that minimizes their risk of injury or harm. This process of learning to defend themselves empowers your child to develop leadership skills such as self-confidence, courage, responsibility and discipline. The program is also great way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for kids of any age, shape and size. Our students gain self-esteem through athletic achievement and learn how to carry themselves better in situations that require them to deal with pressure.

Youth Jiu JitsuThe Little Wizards Bully Proof program students represent the future of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and their development is extremely important to Professor Xavier, who began his career as a world-class instructor by helping oversee the youth program at Gracie Humaita in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Because of this experience all of our instructors and students are committed to helping the youngest members of our team develop into healthy and respectful people that apply what they learn at the LX Jiu-Jitsu academy to succeed in all facets of their lives. Our instructors are dedicated to providing your child with a nurturing environment in which they will learn the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and its many benefits.

Professor Xavier has taken extra special consideration in designing a student-centered curriculum that seamlessly integrates conditioning and self-defense techniques into a well-rounded physical and mental education program. Our youth program takes into consideration input from Texas certified public education teachers so that our student’s individual needs are met by incorporating activities for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners alike. The Little Wizards Bully Proof program can be taught in a group format during our youth classes or individually through our private lessons program.

The Little Wizards Bully Proof program group classes are organized into 3 age groups to ensure the most effective learning environment for your child:

Little Wizards I (4-7 years old)

Little Wizards II (8-11 years old)

Junior Wizards (12-15 years old)

For more information please email Professor Leonardo here.