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“Unleash the Warrior Within”

Smart companies realize their employees are their greatest advantage.

Corporate Self Defense ClassInvesting in the personal development of your employees may be the most significant contribution that someone could ever build into their company. In the world of business, technical and healthcare fields, most people are faced with a variety of daily challenges that require them to perform with self-confidence and an awareness of the task at hand.  Without these skills, your greatest asset (your employees) cannot grow your business, and without them, your company will not have long-term productivity.

Our program,  “Unleash the Warrior Within” conducted by Professor Xavier, is a designed to teach life-saving self-defense skills while motivating your employees to gain self-confidence and to achieve their highest potential in all areas of their lives.

The program is a unique combination of incorporating hands-on demonstrations combined with key essentials necessary for empowerment, awareness of one’s self and their surroundings.

A knowledge of self-defense is an important life-saving skill against a predator, but it is equally important in the mindset of the employee so that they feel confident to face any obstacles they may face in their business, family and personal lives.

Professor Xavier’s mission is to teach everyone to find their warrior spirit within so that they may accomplish their goals in life and survive and thrive through life’s adversities.

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Why the need for Self-Defense in the Workplace?

Providing the knowledge of self-defense to ensure the safety of your employees, both on and off the job sends an essential message throughout the company.   The message is that you value the well-being of your staff.   Caring for the wellness of your employees can benefit everyone because those who feel valued in facets of their job will always do more than required.  Giving the knowledge of life-saving skills is a priceless, life long gift to give to anyone but especially to those who serve your company on a daily basis.  This will benefit everyone because those who feel valued, will always do more than asked.  Whether it is for your corporate leadership and management team or your general office staff, building a wellness program into your company can offer many benefits to your business.

According to, they describe the benefits of being placed in uncomfortable situations (such as the need to protect oneself through self-defense) as someone pushed beyond their normal comfort zones.  “Whether you are fighting, negotiating, handling customer complaints, maintaining quality control—or whatever your task—you will eventually venture into unfamiliar territory.  If you are able to withstand discomfort you already have the battle half-won.”

Corporate EventSelf-defense training has been proven not only to increase a person’s self-confidence, but it also develops and improves their problem-solving skills, critical thinking and reactionary time while reducing stress levels and the ability to focus under pressure.  Self-defense promotes the importance of timing, resilience and emotional control in all situations and will help your employees recognize, control and manage fear in all aspects of their lives.

Also, your staff will gain increased body awareness, posture, balance, and reflexes to enable them to avoid injuries and accidents both on and off the job.

Adding a self-defense program that offers not just technique but also a motivational concept, can only increase these traits in your employees, therefore, adding longevity to your company.

We offer “Unleash the Warrior Within” program to all types of organizations whether it is a private event or part of your corporate seminar and can accommodate both large and small groups.   We are happy to accommodate your needs and come to your event (local or out of town) or have you schedule at our location in Sugar Land.

We are happy to discuss pricing and answer any of your concerns or specific needs.  Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 888.LXBJJ.01 (888-592-5501).