Apprenticeship Program

The LX Jiu-Jitsu Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide guidance and mentorship to practitioners that have the desire and moral character to become a future Jiu-Jitsu Professor.

With the growth and popularity of the art, it is common to find schools operated by non-qualified practitioners that have started to teach solely because they have achieved the rank of black belt.  However, it is important to understand that being a black belt competitor/practitioner does not automatically make the person a qualified teacher.

Before becoming a Jiu-Jitsu Professor, one needs years of dedication to the art, but more importantly, they must be equally qualified to instruct.  This is a critical distinction for those seeking to learn authentic Jiu-Jitsu from a credible source.

The LX Jiu-Jitsu Apprenticeship Program provides the foundation and skills needed to become a fully qualified Black Belt Instructor.  This unique program is designed to certify students who fulfill the strict requirements necessary to complete a comprehensive and rigorous instructor’s course taught directly by Prof. Leonardo Xavier.

It is essential that an instructor not only be able to apply Jiu-Jitsu techniques, but more importantly, be able to effectively teach them in a way students can understand and that honors the art as it was originally intended by Grand Master Helio Gracie.  In addition to being an effective instructor, all potential candidates must possess the moral and ethical qualities essential to perform these duties.

The priority of the LX Jiu-Jitsu Apprenticeship Program is to emphasize quality over quantity.  Professor Xavier will personally select and invite only those students who display the desire and moral values needed to honor this level of responsibility.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of instruction by supporting, mentoring and guiding those qualified students. The significance of this additional training and the high standards that need to be met is important, especially given the commercialization of Jiu-Jitsu these days. The honor of teaching this sacred art will only be reserved for those individual who possess the moral virtues needed to be entrusted with this knowledge.

For more information about the Apprentice Program, please contact us.