LX Jiu-Jitsu Association Welcomes New Association School in Sao Paulo, Brazil!
26 November 2009

The LX Jiu-Jitsu Association is proud to welcome its' newest associated school.  We are very excited to welcome the LX Jiu-Jitsu School of Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The LX Jiu-Jitsu School of Sao Paulo will be directed by Professor Claudio Salem and Leo's long time student Ezes Barros.  Welcome to the LX Jiu-Jitsu family!

To find out more about the LX Jiu-Jitsu Association Schools click here.  For more information on becoming a LX Jiu-Jitsu Association School please email association@leonardoxavier.com.

Thanksgiving Schedule!
22 November 2009

The LX Jiu-Jitsu school of Sugar Land, TX will be closed from Wednesday Nov 22nd until Sunday Nov 25th.  We would like to invite all LX Jiu-Jitsu members regardless of membership to join us at the Tuesday evening class from 6:30-8pm.

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

4th Annual National LX Jiu-Jitsu Association Gathering... A Gracie Family Affair!
22 November 2009
A Gracie Family Affair
Saturday November 14th marked an important milestone for the LX Jiu-Jitsu Association as members congregated at the Sugar Land, Texas Headquarters to celebrate its fourth annual National Gathering, in memory of Grand Master Helio Gracie. The Gathering was an enormous success with more than 200 of our students in attendance to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu directly from the Gracie family, enjoy a delicious barbeque together and to recognize and celebrate each other’s accomplishments on and off the mats. Students flew and drove from all 10 of the LX Jiu-Jitsu Association academies located all over the country to share in this special event.  Those in attendance were treated to the rare privilege of having both Royler and Royce Gracie teach a seminar together for the first time in 10 years. Royce took care of the stand-up portion and Royler covered the ground aspects of the much anticipated two hour long seminar.
As a tribute to Helio Gracie the seminar taught by the brothers strayed from competition aspects in favor of self-defense. Royce kicked off the seminar by focusing on Jiu-jitsu as applied in street confrontations, going over techniques created to diffuse altercations while exposing oneself to the minimal level of risk possible. Royce happily taught the room of eager participants how to avoid damage and properly take down a would-be assailant while interjecting jokes and anecdotes throughout his time leading the seminar. Once the first hour ended Royler took control of the group from the ground and built on the scenarios covered by his brother, teaching our students several submissions which one could transition to from the take down. The seminar was light hearted, fast paced and infused with laughter as everyone worked together happily while learning new techniques. Though the brothers had not taught together for more than a decade it was evident that a lifetime of learning Jiu-Jitsu side-by-side from their father Helio helped them to not miss a beat when sharing the stage.
After the seminar there was a belt promotion and award ceremony in which students from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, New York and many other schools took the next step in their journey towards achieving black belt excellence as well as being  recognized for their various contributions to the LX Jiu-Jitsu Association. The belt promotion was followed by a very emotional tribute honoring Grand Master Helio Gracie, in appreciation for his gift of Jiu-Jitsu to the world and culminated with Royce and Royler holding a Q&A for participating members.
Once the seminar and ceremonies were over the estimated 200 students and instructors in attendance got to enjoy traditional Brazilian Barbeque dishes as served by Tradiçao Brazilian Steak House, one of Houston’s premier Brazilian eateries. Attendants spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company, getting reacquainted with old friends and making new ones that traveled from all over the country to meet for this very special event.
The Fourth Annual Lx Jiu-Jitsu Association Gathering was a huge success! Royler was so pleased with the event and the LX Jiu-Jitsu Association in general that he has decided to come on board and help his Protégé Leonardo host it yearly.
On behalf of the entire LX Jiu-Jitsu Association we would like to thank all of you who came and shared with us in celebration of our Academy, our friends and most importantly our roots. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.
My warmest regards,
Leonardo Xavier


Historical 2009 Gathering Shirt Still Available!
16 November 2009

The historical 2009 Gathering T-Shirt is still availble at the LX Jiu-Jitsu school or at the online store.  To order the shirt, email products@leonardoxavier.com.


LX Jiu-Jitsu Association Gathering is Huge Success and it's new in Prestigious Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News!
15 November 2009

LX Jiu-Jitsu Association Gathering is a huge success and it's news at ADCC Kid Peligros's news.

Thanks to everyone that attended this special event.  More details about the LX Jiu-Jitsu Gathering soon!  To check the Kid Peligro news, click here